Work packages

Work package 2 – Cost-effectiveness

WP 2 will conduct three innovative and beyond state-of-the-art research studies on the cost-effectiveness and budget impact, and the sustainability of service models, based on clinical real-world effectiveness studies. 2.1: Cost-effectiveness study of an evidence-based digital psychological intervention preventing postpartum depression and enhancing quality of life (Mamma Mia). 2.2: Cost-effectiveness evaluation of eMeistring at three sites in Norway. Data will be collected as a part of routine care and benchmarked across different service models from the three sites. 2.3: Implementation: Analyse alternative service models, service model characteristics, barriers and facilitators related to implementation.

WP manager: Vidar Halsteinli, St. Olavs Hospital

Gunn Elise Sætre

Psychologist eMeistring

Jørn Heggelund

Researcher, post doc St. Olavs hospital HF