Get to know our industry partners: Lifekeys

Lifekeys started in 2017 and is an online therapy service that offers video consultations and theme based seminars with selected psychologists. They have established themselves as experts within online therapy services, and they have innovative solutions of a high quality and standard that makes access to psychologists easier when the need arises – independent of who needs help. Lifekeys are a part of work package three, early HTA, and will contribute to research on how decision makers can get decision-making-support in an early stage of the process of innovation and change.

CCO, Erik Hellestøl

– What motivated you to join the centre?

We want to contribute to more people getting access to high quality research based digital mental health solutions. Good digital solutions are important to lower the threshold for seeking help and therefore contributes to early interventions.

– What is you role and contribution in the work package?

We are an industry partner in the project and will contribute competence, experience and technology within the field of digital mental health solutions.

– What significance does research have on your business?

Research on digital solutions within the mental health field is an important part of our foundation. We believe in innovative solutions that are evidence based and research is a central part of what we do. Through Forhelse we will be able to gain better knowledge of existing needs and challenges and how we contribute to solving them.

– In your experience, what is the greatest challenges in working with researchers/being part of a research project?

In our experience, working with researchers can be demanding, especially working across public and private sector. It is important that Forhelse work towards a clear common understanding of our roles. Forhelse comprises a lot of god competency and knowledge, and we believe that we will succeed together. Focus on mental health is good social economics, it is good for industry economy and it is important for each individual as well. We believe that all these factors are part of this research centre.

– What do you wish to gain from you participation in the centre?

Through our participation in the centre, we wish to gain better knowledge of the effect of digital interventions and, in turn, be able to further develop our solutions.