Get to know our industry partners: Helse i Hardanger

Helse i Hardanger was founded in 2018 and is a not-for-profit business. They offer a targeted cross-disciplinary health service to people with challenges related to breathing difficulties, musculoskeletal problems, anxiety and depression, diabetes type 2 and residual after effects of Covid 19. In Forhelse Helse in Hardanger will contribute to WP 1 where we will carry out a clinical effectiveness study on digital mental health treatment for adults with musculoskeletal problems. Managing director, Janiche Buanes Heltne have answered some questions related to their role in Forhelse:

Managing director, Janiche Buanes Heltne

– What was your motivation for joining Forhelse?

Helse i Hardanger is a new operation that targets its work towards people with chronic illnesses. We are concerned with the large and vulnerable illnesses, and focus on effective treatment. Our treatment consists of a thorough evaluation, a short treatment stay at our institution with cross-disciplary focus on change. After the stay the individual works on implementing new habits. We wish to collaborate with Forhelse that, for us, presents as a robust and solid academic environment.

– What is your role/contribution to the WP you are a part of?

Helse i Hardanger contributes to WP 1 and we will, together with researchers, investigate pain in people with musculoskeletal problems. Our sub-project will start in 2023.

– What impact does research have on your business?

Everything we do is based on research. The treatment we will be testing will only continue if it proves to be effective.

– In you experience, what challenges are related to working with researchers/participate in a research project?

Many opportunities arise when clinicians and researchers meet. The challenges are mostly financial; we are required to self-fund which can be challenging.

– What do you hope to achieve throughout the 8 years?

We hope to achieve:

  • Focus on the large illnesses so that patients are offered better and more effective treatment. Integrate somatic and mental health through exploring a cross-disciplinary treatment model.
  • Expand our network
  • Collaboration across disciplines, sectors and areas both nationally and internationally.

Read more about Helse i Hardanger here.