Cloncluded INTROMAT with good results

The partners of INTROMAT gathered on Mondag 6 December for a closing seminar. The research project started in 2016 and has been funded by the Research Council of Norway as an IKTPLUSS Lighthouse project.

All the research partners and three industrial partners spent the day presenting results from the research and innovation activities at the center, and thanked one another for an educational and exciting year together.

See some pictures from the event below:

There were several specific presentations on what came out of the project. Some of the presentation:

Smiti Kahlon presented findings from the study on the use of VR technology in the treatment of performance anxiety in adolescents. The programme is called Youth Spotlight (Ung Spotlight) and is available now online (

Emilie Sektnan Nordby presented findings from the study on digital treatment programmes for adults with ADHD. This programme is now scheduled to be used in eMeistring.

Sunniva Brurok Myklebust presented findings from the digital treatment programme for those struggling with residual symptoms after depression. They are starting a new study and have begun lookin for participants.

Ragnhild Sekse and Sigrund Breistig presented their Gynea programme, which is designed for women who have had gynaecological cancer. Part of this treatment programme can be found online, in the the health library website (Helsebiblioteket).

Petter Jakobsen and Andrea Stautland presented the study on the use of digital tools to monitor symptoms of bipolar disorder in adult patients.

Many skilled people were responsible for INTROMAT’s success. Here is a list of the others not already mentioned above:

  • Eirik Hansen
  • Jan Rasmus Sulebakk
  • Yngve Lamo
  • Andreas Rimala
  • Jim Tørresen
  • Eivind Flobak
  • Youwell
  • Robin Kenter
  • Suresh Mukhiya
  • Ulysse Côté-Allard
  • Jo Wake
  • Yngvar Sigmund Skaar
  • Minh H. Pham
  • Amin Aminfar
  • Ketil J. Ødegaard