Youwell won bid with INTROMAT interventions

Youwell have won a bid for two of INTROMAT’s interventions in a tender competition announced by The Norwegian Directorate of Health. The competition was for digital self-help tools, where Youwell placed bids in two categories; adolescents age 13-20 and the adult population. The two interventions will be made accessible on, in their toolbox, in fall of 2021.

Co-mestring, a digital self-help program for people experiencing increased stress and worry in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic. In Co-mestring, participants learn about mild to moderate mental health affections of the pandemic, as well as learning about tools and tasks to handle everyday life.

UngSpotlight, a digital self-help program for adolescents with fear of public speaking. Made for adolescents age 13-20, this program is a 6 week program where you learn about social anxiety and different coping mechanisms to alleviate the fear of public speaking.

The digital interventions have been developed in a collaboration with Helse Bergen, who have created clinical content and tested the programs. The effects are documented and show reduction in symptoms of fear of public speaking for UngSpotlight, and reduction in anxiety- and depression symptoms for Co-mestring.

Winning this bid is a milestone for Youwell, and we are excited to share these tools with the Norwegian population.

Facsimile from the newspaper BA 03.07.2021

Get to know our industry partners: Lifekeys

Lifekeys started in 2017 and is an online therapy service that offers video consultations and theme based seminars with selected psychologists. They have established themselves as experts within online therapy services, and they have innovative solutions of a high quality and standard that makes access to psychologists easier when the need arises – independent of who needs help. Lifekeys are a part of work package three, early HTA, and will contribute to research on how decision makers can get decision-making-support in an early stage of the process of innovation and change.

CCO, Erik Hellestøl

– What motivated you to join the centre?

We want to contribute to more people getting access to high quality research based digital mental health solutions. Good digital solutions are important to lower the threshold for seeking help and therefore contributes to early interventions.

– What is you role and contribution in the work package?

We are an industry partner in the project and will contribute competence, experience and technology within the field of digital mental health solutions.

– What significance does research have on your business?

Research on digital solutions within the mental health field is an important part of our foundation. We believe in innovative solutions that are evidence based and research is a central part of what we do. Through Forhelse we will be able to gain better knowledge of existing needs and challenges and how we contribute to solving them.

– In your experience, what is the greatest challenges in working with researchers/being part of a research project?

In our experience, working with researchers can be demanding, especially working across public and private sector. It is important that Forhelse work towards a clear common understanding of our roles. Forhelse comprises a lot of god competency and knowledge, and we believe that we will succeed together. Focus on mental health is good social economics, it is good for industry economy and it is important for each individual as well. We believe that all these factors are part of this research centre.

– What do you wish to gain from you participation in the centre?

Through our participation in the centre, we wish to gain better knowledge of the effect of digital interventions and, in turn, be able to further develop our solutions.

Get to know our industry partners: Helse i Hardanger

Helse i Hardanger was founded in 2018 and is a not-for-profit business. They offer a targeted cross-disciplinary health service to people with challenges related to breathing difficulties, musculoskeletal problems, anxiety and depression, diabetes type 2 and residual after effects of Covid 19. In Forhelse Helse in Hardanger will contribute to WP 1 where we will carry out a clinical effectiveness study on digital mental health treatment for adults with musculoskeletal problems. Managing director, Janiche Buanes Heltne have answered some questions related to their role in Forhelse:

Managing director, Janiche Buanes Heltne

– What was your motivation for joining Forhelse?

Helse i Hardanger is a new operation that targets its work towards people with chronic illnesses. We are concerned with the large and vulnerable illnesses, and focus on effective treatment. Our treatment consists of a thorough evaluation, a short treatment stay at our institution with cross-disciplary focus on change. After the stay the individual works on implementing new habits. We wish to collaborate with Forhelse that, for us, presents as a robust and solid academic environment.

– What is your role/contribution to the WP you are a part of?

Helse i Hardanger contributes to WP 1 and we will, together with researchers, investigate pain in people with musculoskeletal problems. Our sub-project will start in 2023.

– What impact does research have on your business?

Everything we do is based on research. The treatment we will be testing will only continue if it proves to be effective.

– In you experience, what challenges are related to working with researchers/participate in a research project?

Many opportunities arise when clinicians and researchers meet. The challenges are mostly financial; we are required to self-fund which can be challenging.

– What do you hope to achieve throughout the 8 years?

We hope to achieve:

  • Focus on the large illnesses so that patients are offered better and more effective treatment. Integrate somatic and mental health through exploring a cross-disciplinary treatment model.
  • Expand our network
  • Collaboration across disciplines, sectors and areas both nationally and internationally.

Read more about Helse i Hardanger here.

Get to know our industry partners: Youwell

Youwell is a Bergen-based IT company that focuses on making innovative digital tools and services for training and treating mental and somatic disorders. Since 2016 Youwell has been a part of the ICT lighthouse project INTROMAT, owned by Helse Bergen HF and funded by RCN. In Forhelse Youwell will contribute to work package 1 that focuses on treatment effectiveness. Managing director Jonny Klemetsen has answered our questions:

Managing director Youwell, Jonny Klemetsen

– What was your motivation for joining the centre?

There are multiple factors that motivates us to participate in the centre. Firstly, we hope to create societal benefits by creating new digital interventions that can contribute to a better future for adolescents with anxiety. If we can contribute to giving youth a better life, it is worth the effort. Secondly, we hope there will be a financial benefit, and that we can create interventions that people will pay to use. Securing financing to develop new digital interventions is pertinent for us, as well as developing our technical platform.

Lastly, we enjoy the learning curve of working with this field, working with researchers, and learning how digital technology can be utilized in tomorrow’s healthcare services.

– What is your role/contribution to your work package?

Our main contribution is to make our platform available for creating new digital interventions and collaboration between the parties surrounding the health services. Beyond that, we contribute personnel hours from our service designer, UX and development competency in order to tailor the technology.

– What significance does research have on your business?

Our technology is developed together with insightful researchers. This insight is something that we cannot gain on our own, so without research we would struggle. It is also a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge about the mental health field. We attract competent people because of our participation in the centre, and because people find this work meaningful.

– In your experience, what is the greatest challenges in working with researchers/being part of a research project?

In our experience the researchers have a high level of competency and knowledge of their field that merges well with our competency in technology. Through the INTROMAT project, we have learned how researchers work and vice versa. Our knowledge of each other’s disciplines enables us to make better plans, and to deliver according to those plans.

What do you wish to achieve during the next 8 years?

We hope to be able to document that digital interventions implemented in Bergen Municipality has an effect on users. We are also invested in developing new products and services based on the insight we will gain through the centre.

Read more about Youwell here: